Astroplus and Astrovision is the country’s leading Entertainment Lifestyle Store that offers the latest music, movies and gadgets that put the Filipino entertainment experience at par with the rest of the world. Astro prides itself in providing a wide array of products to enhance every entertainment experience partnered with homegrown customer service, ensuring that every visit to Astro is worthwhile. 

The store’s name was derived from the word “astral”, which means heaven sent. Astro was indeed heaven sent to its owner Jimmy Lim who is one of the most pivotal and influential personalities in the industry. He started Astro during his college days when it was still a video rental store, until it evolved into more than 50 branches nationwide all of which, directly owned. With utmost determination and an eye for successful progressive initiatives, Astro was able to surpass various turning points in the industry. 

Check out the some sections of their store. New releases and HOT! items on sale, POP/ROCK, STANDARS, CHILDREN / PRAISE to name a few.

 They also have limited copies of imported CDs!!

Choose from a wide array of box sets for your Series addictions, Blu-Ray releases, Accessories like earphones, speakers, headphones and other stuffs.

They also have some gadgets and games for the boys and for the big boys.

 And... as early as September 1. They were selling some awesome Christmas tunes for us to choose from.

Astro has gone beyond formats over the years. From LP’s, Cassettes, Betamax, VHS tapes and laser discs to CD’s and DVD’s, Astro was able to maintain a loyal clientele. Even in this age of downloads and piracy, Astro’s aggressive efforts to develop and update its image continue to pay off. This year, one of the major enhancements of the store is its effort to build a wide variety of products and gadgets to accessorize the demanding digital lifestyle of music and movie lovers today. Astro has also begun efforts to bring in hard to find products and some imported titles coming from the US and Asia. Astro has also allotted an added effort to support Original Pinoy Music by developing its Independent Artist Lineup. 

I heard that by October or November they are coming up with a new part in their store the indie section. This is good so that in a way they can also help the upcoming artists get their stuff out in the market. Those undiscovered raw and pure talent now can be heard and can be bought through Astro. So i hope this pushes through. 

Another, is that they are working out something in purchasing online and having it delivered right at your doorstep. Now, isn't that just oh so clever? So let's keep our fingers crossed ok? Until then, You may check out their branches and telephone numbers here.

To know more about the latest in music, videos and gadgets by logging on to the official facebook of Astroplus at

To check out the recent event of Astro and Orange Magazine Tv called the "BLOGGERS' BLOWOUT" held at the 3rd flr. AstroVision, Greenbelt branch. below are the posts for you to relive the moment. :)

and below are their partners for the event. Click on the picture to checkout their Facebook fan page.

This is your Astro-Mix, signing out!

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