Even though all of our band members have long been inclined to music and have altogether performed in random occasions, our band itself, Kaligta, was officially formed just recently.

The three of us, Michael, Sherman and John Michael have been performing as members of our respective Christian Church Music Ministry. Through the free workshops and liberty to express our individuality, our skills have been honed. Arnold, on the other hand, started to appreciate music from the genre of hard core metal bands, along with his teen-age buddies. Eventually, he decided to join our church where we caught his attention, and through fellowshipping became part of our music ministry. Since then, we serve every sunday at the church as musicians.

Genre: Alternative Christian Rock
Members: Michael Artita - Lead Vocals & Guitar
                   Arnold Artita - Lead Guitar
                   Sherman Tupas - Bass & Vocals
                   John Michael Dino - Drums
Hometown: Marikina City

We are students coming from Mapua, PATTS, Informatics and De Los Santos-STI College, and we represent the latter.

The band's name, Kaligta, came from the word "kaligtasan" since our main objective is to win souls and reach out the youth and influence them through our music.

Just some finer points, our bassist, Sherman, is not really a bassist because actually, he is a lead guitarist in the church where he serves, it’s just that he could play the bass guitar just as well. The whole thing about the formation of the band started from a small talk of Michael with a friend from another school, about two months before the deadline for joining the Nescafe Soundskool. Arnold, being his older brother and the lead guitarist, was first consulted followed by the recruitment of John Michael and Sherman, who happen to be students alike. John Michael is the drummer of the band. 

The first single ‘Awitin Mula Sa’yo’ is already getting decent airplay (iFM, Tambayan 101.9, Baranggay LS)

Verdict: The band's sound has a pop rock feel with good beats to it. Huskiness voice blends well with the rhythm and their music. It doesn't feel like a Christian band and I say that in a good in a way. Guitar and drum's seems to handle the instruments well, and the vocals sound good also. I can feel this band can make it to the mainstream music and into the alternative pop. The band shows promise, I hope I can see them in 2 years time, and see how their music evolve through the years.

You can check out their video in this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEFmG5Bmml4
And their facebook page here:

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