Sony Music introduces AJKA - a new band to conquer the local music scene


I was fortunate enough to be one of the few who to witness the launch of AJKA’s new album. Just to give you guys and info on who AJKA is.  
AJKA was just formed in 2008, and since then, the band has experienced notable achievements compared to others. Most significant is their win in the 2010 Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool college band search. Since then, everything has change. They recently release their debuy EP “Unidentifies” at Club Phi in Metrowalk last April 28, 2011, presented by Sony Music  in cooperation with Nescafè and G.A. Yupangco & Co. Inc.

(L-R) Aaron Caligner (bass), Jon Pinto (drums), K.A. Antonio (vocals), and JL delas Llagas (guitars)
The band met in the official De La Salle University orchestra, DLSU- Pops Orchestra now known as the Surreli Pops Orchestra. Where did they get the name AJKA you ask? well, they have combined their first names’ initials to form the band’s name. 

All members started at a young age and all of them had passion for music made them click easily. After joining several Battle of the Bands, they felt it was time to take their talent to the next level. So they joined the 2010 Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool, a nationwide band competition for college bands whose alumni include Hilera, Letter Day Story and Eevee. What made them decide and be at par with the bands that became famous? “We felt that Soundskool will give us a good exposure in order for our music to be heard,” KA said

Listening to them as they perform that night, indeed their music does have a feel of “pop with a hint of jazz, funk, and soul”.

I was tapping my feet and swaying a bit to the beat. The music is catchy and the voice is somewhat soothing. My favorite song in their album is "Endless" followed by "In Denial". The group at first when you listen to them might remind you of other groups but as you listen to them, you'd find that their music is their own. At this early stage i figured that the music that they will be playing would be more of their influences around them, their favorite band and the bands that they look up to. Give it a few season then i am sure that this group will emerge into their own type of music. Don't get me wrong, i love their type of music, it's light to the ears and easy to listen to.

 Club Phi was packed during the launch.

 KA belting out high noted on some parts of the some. (great voice she has)

 There was a few question and answer after their first set. Eevee performed during their break.
Justin from Justinbreaths makes another round of getting to know the band

For a band that has not tried submitting demos to record labels, AJKA now belongs to one - multi-national label Sony Music, as part of the prize. With all the hardwork during the band search, they finally have a CD of their own called “Undefined,” featuring the lead single “Tanong Lang”, the original song that won them their first band competition and the Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool.

“The lyrics say it all. It’s a sweet flattery of questions confirming the real feelings of the person. Being the first ever single, this song began the band,” KA said.

Another track in the album “In Denial” tells a story of two people who are secretly in love with each other. Their actions show of overflowing love, but they are just both in denial that they’re truly falling for each other. The band wrote the track in 2007 and was based on real life experience.

Produced by Jonathan Ong (Gloc9, Letter Day Story) and The Youth’s Robert Javier, listeners can look forward to an album that is distinctively AJKA, one that will leave an indelible mark in the music industry. “Expect vocal excellence, groovy bass lines, warm guitar riff, and punchy drumming,” concludes Jon.

check out my photo coverage here.

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