TELESERV Bloggers night with Fast Five movie!

I recently attended Teleserv Night Out At The Cinema Bloggers Edition 2011 at Cinema 4 - Gateway Cineplex. It was awesome! surprisingly the movie was so damn good! :) but more about the movie and pics later. :)
Just a brief info, Teleserv, the premier Citizen Services partner of the National Statistics Office (NSO), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
I remember the last time Teleserv was all over the place, (they are still now) marketing was all heavy. Back when their logo was still different (i guess) and they were introducing their new service. Yes, it was the year 2009 (i'm guessing) when i availed of their service. I got from them my NSO certified birth certificate, I got my first passport and also endorsed the service to my friends and for my mom's birth certificate. Yes, it was hassle free and they were accommodating. It was fast and easy. As long as you provide the right details and information you wont have a problem. My experience with the birth certificate was a looooong story but i guess mine was an isolated case, and i did understand to situation and was amazed with how Teleserv handled my sarcastic complaints then. That is also the reason why after the birth certificate, i  got from them my passport and the rest is history. :)

For the passport it was a breeze. I go there for an appearance and then that's it. Simple as that! check out the steps below.

Below is the process mom was able to her NSO birth certificate. I so love the hassle free service, and having it delivered at your doorstep? now that something. They also have the POEA OEC delivery

For a longer info on Teleserv, Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc.(Teleserv) began operations in June 2000 as a multi‐channel contact center provider. The company conceptualized and developed proprietary services for various Philippine government agencies that have revolutionized the way citizens transact with government.
Since then Teleserv has found its niche as a systems integrator in the industry utilizing Voice, SMS, Chat, Email, and Web‐based applications into a unified communications structure. Teleserv has also increased its client base to include companies in the private sector.
The company is highly experienced in inbound order taking and customer service activities. Teleserv operates on a 24/7, 365 days a year.
Teleserv is owned by three directors who provide hands on management of the daily activities of the company. Jun Yupitun the director for Operations, Jefferey Villanueva who is the Director for Admin and Finance, also the chief CRM Developer and Raffy David  who is the director for Marketing. 

All three coming from different experiences. One from decades of Call Center design, setup, and management, other with Web programmer and designer background. With experience and venturing into the world of online, taking advantage of the power of the internet. It allows the brand to innovate and creating a competitive advantage over other teleservices firm. and last is having a seasoned marketer and experience in Quality Improvement  and Customer Satisfaction. No wonder Teleserve now leads in TeleServices.

I tell you, you need these hot and fast? worry no more, hassle no more. call up Teleserv now and see for yourself. :)

This is Mix signing out!

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