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Magic Wand is the the remote!

By April 22, 2011

Yes, you heard that right. Witches and wizards of the muggle world! Here is your chance to finally own a wand and do what you will with it. Now you can say that you and your wife/husband is fighting over "the wand" every night. WAND WAND WAND FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. no... not that wand... what wand? the WAND REMOTE! 

picture from coolest gadget

The wand may not make your partner be all hot for you or something, it may not mute your teacher or boss, may or may not hurt a couple of bad guys, ghosts or goblins, but check this out, it can learn up to 13 commands or should i say spells from your existing remote control. One perfect time to use the wand is when any of the harry potter movie is on another channel and all you do is flick that wand and voila!! winguardium leviosa!!!!  (wait, that's levitate right?)

The awesome wand can learn from any remote.. and i say any in your house. Once you master its 13 movements, you can easily be the conductor of the grand electronic orchestra enjoyment in the comfort of your home- GEEK STYLE.

Here are their Product Specifications
  • Magic wand television remote for witches, wizards, and the occasional muggle
  • 13 magical functions (the number one would expect in magic!)
  • Learns from your existing remotes
  • With a little practice, you can train yourself to do magic with household electronics
  • Flip the channel with a flick of your wand, twist your wand to turn up the volume
  • Compatible with almost all makes of TV, DVR, or really anything with a remote!
  • Buttons are sooooooooooooooo out, wands are in. Trust us.

Check out the not-so-funny-but-nice-video below.

Ok, i know some of you are thinking of definitely getting this one. If you are the type to do a marathon of all the movies of Harry Potter and reads the book a hundred times from cover to cover and dresses up like a griffindor, then i guess this wand is for you. :)  for only $89.99 at think geek

Why do i feel that Hermione is behind this. :)

Hope you can hit the comments below. :) 

your master wizard XIM signing out!

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