BREAKING DAWN sex scenes?

Okay, Twi-hard fans... saw these pictures below which are actually tweeted and removed by Summit Entertainment a day prior April Fools. 
The picture shows the two doing their deed on their honeymoon, First is the picture of Edward holding onto the headboard going for the move and the one below is resting after the freakin awesome Vampiric love making.

Breaking Dawn Sex Pic
Post Breaking Dawn Sex

The movie will be released on a PG 13 rating. Finally, less girls giggling and doing mushy comments while watching the movie.. errrr who said i was watching the movie? i'm not watching it... 
Well, uhhhm actually i'm going to accompany Nix to watch it.. that's it.. and see Bella get all hot and stuff.. No, i don't like twilight..
Part 1 of the movie will be shown on thanksgiving, around 18th of November, and the other part of the movie will be released next year same month.

Ok ladies, try not to scream so hard. please. :)

Hope you can hit the comments below. :) 

bella swan fan Mix signing out!


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