an ATARI keyboard??!


Now, how many of you have lived in the 80's? ok, let's just say born in the 80's? (raised hand up).
Yeap, i'm still in the 80's man, and who the hell forgets the good old games?  let's say uhhhhh ATARI. hehe relive the past and check this cool keyboard usb compatible made by a Japanese company known as NAYAMI. cool huh? 
Although i am not sure if they thought of the ergonomics of they just thought that it was cool to have this as a keyboard. I'm sure clickety typers there wont enjoy this keyboard much since it's kinda thin and the keys don't stand out much. Typing for a bit long in this thing and you could get a serious carpal tunnel syndrome.

The orange, brown/tan color really make out the whole awesome feel of the Atari back in the 80's. If your the type who wants the past around and would like to keep a bit of 80's nostalgia then i guess this is definitely for you. It costs around $149.  To buy? or not to buy? :)

Gadget freak mix signing out!

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