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iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet

By April 24, 2011 , , ,

iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet ready for May 2011 release

Looks sweet right? These babies will be available on sale this coming May 2011. The iCADE will be shipped by May 20th all fanatics of the old arcade game and iPad game owners i guess this is a must for you. I'm expecting that this one will sell like hotcakes

The iCADE sells for $99.99. Well of course getting this without the Atari's 100 Greatest Hits would be like ordering a Whopper or a quarter pounder or a double patty burger without the cheese.

You can buy the iCADE here. If only i had an iPad. :(

My suggestion? Go and invest in an awesome software to go with your kick-ass hardware.

Hope you can hit the comments below :) 

Mix signing out!

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