FUJITSU laptops with Pico Projector?

Uh huh! Fujitsu announced that their latest Lifebook laptops will no longer have an optical disk drive instead will now be equipped with a mini Pico projector. wadaya say to that??

Well, the two new machines to receive the said upgrade are the Fujitsu 13.3 inch Lifebook S761/C and the 12.1 inch P771?c with a native resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. It has been said that Fujitsu has noe released any specific details on the Pico projectors yet.

The Lifebook P771/C is equipped with an Intel Core i5-2520M CPU (central processing unit) and 1 GB of RAM, plus a storage space of 160 GB. This P771/C will start to ship to Japan in May and will be available for $3,110 while the Lifebook S761/C will be priced at $2,675.

I wonder when will it be available for sale here in the Philippines. This would be an awesome to have at home, the office and on coffee shops. Watching a cool movie with rockin sounds this will definitely make watching the movies worth it.

hmmmmm should i buy this?  hhrrrrmmm

Hope you can hit the comments below :) 

Gadget freak mix signing out!

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