Chrono Trigger on PS3 and PSP.

Chrono Trigger fans!!!

In time...they say... in this game's case. more than 15 years since the game from Square Enix's somehow-the-best-game-ever came to Super Nintendo RPG hit in 1995 and also pretty expensive in the SNES format. Then being ported to the Original PlayStation in 199 and just recently in the DS in 2008. and now working on the PS3, PSP and Wii's Virtual Console and also in mobile phones in Japan.

The ESRB beat Square to the punch and rated Chrono Trigger for release on PS3 and PSP, although the ESRB website doesn't say much details about the release, fans are pretty much hyped to see this pushing through. I myself am looking forward to it.

I guess we all have to patiently wait for its release on PS3 and PSP.

Hope you can hit the comments below :) 

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