Have you ever had a day, when you don't want to be late for work anymore and would like to change or the better. So what you do is wake up early, fix up fast, and as you rush the the nearest transportation destination, in my case the LRT, having enough time to spare for any inevitable instance. 

I know i was early because I still have room  to sit down in the train, and LRT on a business weekday is not known for it's open seats. yes, you can see that all those who are seated are men, and like what i said before. "chivalry is dead in the LRT".
Anyways, while seating down i put out my phone and continued the game of Plants versus Zombies. 
*note the Catails are nice to use :)   and after a few rounds, i sensed that the train just keeps on stopping, not just on the stations but it is taking a while. checked my watched and thought "i can still make it". station after station, it stops and stays a little longer than the usual. I normally go down at the EDSA station but i decided to go down 2 stations before that, i went down at Gil Puyat station hoping i could take a cab so that i can still make it. I figured that since there is a bus station there, i wouldn't have a hard time getting a taxi. I have been doing this trick for quite a while now if i want a buzzer beater finish in the office.

I looked for cabs, but failed to fetch. I was waiting for 20 minutes just to take a cab, old ladies, office ladies, men, was able to get a cab but me. It wasn't my morning, and it wasn't nice at all. So after the grueling minutes of fetching and scoring a cab. I finally got one, hoping that the taxi would rush, or something. but no...It took its time and stopped.... for gas.. 

and that's when i gave up.. yes, if the universe is against it, if the odds are on to you... you can't fight it.. just give in..  I wasn't mad, or pissed. but these things happen, for reasons we are not sure of...I guess
there are just unseen forces around us.. 

Or someone out there just likes to screw with us :) for this morning... i was screwed :)

with that, i leave you with an intellectual way of defining screwed.

"Screwed is what you would be if you were attached to another object by an incline plane, wrapped helicly around an axis."

This is mix signing out!

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