Grand Fiesta Manila 2010: The Resorts World Grand Launch


Grand Fiesta Manila 2010: The Resorts World Grand Launch
RSVP'd myself to this RWM Grand Fiesta Manila 2010 Launch for bloggers which happened yesterday at the 2nd floor of Maxim's Tower - Passion Restaurant, Nice Chinese restaurant with not so bad food. The event was 7pm, and because of some reason, i came in a little late. Got there, registered myself and looked for a place to sit down. 
By the time i sat down, They were having talks about the launch and after a few minutes they gave away prizes and credits to fellow bloggers. 

There's Azrael from and Jeman from Orange Magazine
And i think that is the guy who won the 1,500 worth of RW money :) lucky guy

The gathering was about The Resorts World Grand Launch which shall be happening this November 2010, the launch is tagged as the GRAND FIESTA MANILA 2010. This November, Resorts World Manila shall hold an extravagant unveiling that will showcase the wonders of the Philippine culture and what the first integrated tourism destination in the country has to offer. (below is their advertorial-click on the pic to zoom in)

In its quest to raise the country’s profile in world-class standards, RWM’s grand launch will be a fiesta of flavors, arts, culture, and talent at its grandiose best. There’s no denying that Filipinos know how to
party, and RWM is ready to show the world how Pinoys do it.

Saráp – delicious, good
Eating is an integral part of the Filipino culture, and RWM will prove itself as the place where the local cuisine will be at its most sumptuous. Gourmets will celebrate as RWM introduces its various dining destinations on its grand launch. RWM will whip up a spread of the most scrumptious Filipino viands and the most popular international cuisine prepared by the most experienced chefs local and abroad.

Sine – movie theater
RWM takes you on a ride on the most memorable moments on the Filipino silver screen. Watch the creations of famed Filipino filmmakers in the newest premium cinemas at The Newport Mall. It’s a whole new viewing experience at the Newport Cinemas, designed with stadium seating and superb views from any point in the movie house. Take the viewing experience a notch higher with the Ultra Cinema 1 which features fully reclining seats and leg rests and a call button per pod for personalized service.

Likhá – create
It’s Pinoy talent on show when RWM sends down the runway the designs of favorite Filipino designers. After holding successive events such as La Flora de Mayo where more than 30 sagalas modeled ternos; Broadway on the Runway which saw the best of Broadway as interpreted by Filipino designers, and more; RWM is ready to take Filipino creativity to greater heights at its grand launch!

Tanghál at Kantá – place where the show is exhibited and to sing
There’s no denying that talent for the stage runs strong in Pinoy blood and RWM will showcase this on a magnificent scale at its Newport Performing Arts Theater. This 1,500-seat theater is the metro’s biggest stage for musicals, events, performances, and more. Watch out what will take centerstage on RWM’s big day which can only be magical and memorable.

One of its magnificent productions is KAOS – a timeless tale of love and magic that will surely take one’s breath away.

Sayá – happy, cheerful, memory
Respected Filipino painters and artists will put their talents on display at RWM. This is in line with RWM’s aim to highlight Filipino talent and culture by holding exhibits featuring renowned artists.

While covering the event, i saw familiar faces there, met a few good people and saw my 2 college friends.

Chinky Madrona and Chary Guevarra (It was nice seeing you guys again!, till the next blogging event!) 
Rockin it out with Boss Azrael, thanks for the RSVP. Till next time!

It was a fun night, it was an experience, i had fun and so did many people :), reminding everyone of the GRAND FIESTA MANILA 2010. It is on November 25-28, 2010. Mark your calendars for this lavish celebration at Resorts World Manila - The place to PLAY!

This is Mix signing out!

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