IT IS ON!! STARBUCKS PLANNER 2! (Just to share)


Usually i get the promo card which has a free one already. It is for their loyal customers and the first 100 customers for each Starbucks branch. (or so they say) but yesterday i got the regular one, I thought, maybe they are not giving that this year, or i didn't make it in the 1st 100, then i saw the pic of my friend on Facebook yesterday and there it was, the promo card with one free.

and today when i was about to get my second sticker in exchange for a tall Toffee nut Frap, the kind lady asked me if i have the other card. i said, "no, it wasn't given to be by 'that' lady" so she gave me one. :) then voila! i got 2 for today :)
Here's what i got yesterday.

and here's what i got today :)

anyways, just sharing.

mix signing out.

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