Gloomy mode, nonchalant mood, numb, that's how i define my self this morning, capped with this gloomy weather. But every cloudy day has something to smile about, even for a minute. Yes, you read the title, today is the first day of the Starbucks Christmas Traditions Promo.

After heading to the office, answered a couple of emails, made some presentation and went down to grab a cup of coffee. Somehow curious of what the planner would look like. 

Everything in Starbucks was all Christmas-y. Menu boards were red, the barista's shirts  were also red, and yes, it somehow feels like Christmas. Had a little chat, and ordered their new Christmas drink. The Praline Mocha - Hot. and then took out my phone to snap pictures on the planner, lucky i was fast and was able to snap a pic, as they will not allow you to take any picture of their precious Christmas planner.

The one on the left is the aluminum feel which is a silvery cover/wallpaper. kinda hard and waterproof.the brown one in the middle is the usual board wood type etc. didn't really pay much attention.The last one on the right is the red velvet-y cover.

My Tall Praline Mocha - P 150.00which is available in Hot, Iced or Frappuccino

Well, i don't know which planner i will get yet, but i will decide after a few visits there.

Check out the mechanics below.
(click on the mechanics to zoom in)

mix signing out!

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