Yeah you heard that right! DJ MYKE!

Ha ha, well not really, for the past few weeks iv'e been practicing and learning from my good friends here in Blue Wave Macapagal. and i tell you guys, it's not that easy.. your beats must be awesome, timing perfect, keeping the energy up and knowing when to lay low, It's not all hiphop and Rnb, somehow i learned to appreciate the art in it.

For months now, I've been watching out events people and DJ's mix a song after song, whaat i do is i watch and i mess up their beats. hehe, and they get frustrated. haha now that i am learning how to mix, i guess it's really not that easy..what we had there at the dj's booth,

old beaten up CDJ100,

new purchased CDJ400

and some old ass mixer.

and a personal old pioneer headset

and a couple of CD mixes which i didn't download. (yea i did).
Some equipments may be old but it still sounds great, and i was able to learn DJ mixing for free, guided by peeps from the events.

Anyways, it's nice to learn a few tricks while being in a place than learn nothing at all. It's my goal to learn something new everything, and practice these thing that would make me better in things that i do and many other things. Iv'e nothing to lose and everything to gain right? will post some DJ MYKE mixing soon! hehe

Anyways, i came across this new Chris Brown song/video on you tube, i would just like to share it and yes, i will use this rockin new single tonight at The Courtyard.

Chris Brown YEAH 3X

alright people! lets do something new today! :)

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