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Yes, i was a fan of the first season. period. not yet a fan of the second one.

The first season had some great choice of songs. some not so great character backgrounds. and some not so good plots. I think that the first season focused on Glee as a whole, slowly focusing on each of the characters issues and wisely injecting the right songs. But the second season... hmmm im not so sure but what i can say is they try to put too much into the Glee franchise, guests after guests, great tributes but fails in putting the last nail on the coffin. (Britney Spears tribute and then BLAM! paramore, i was like. WTF??!), not so good plots, and not enough reality going on. The only way GLEE gets away with it is because of the songs they sing. but hey, these are just my opinion.

I am not here to discuss about GLEE. not about how they write the episodes, but with their latest GQ cover. on the cover is Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith

Did't like Lea Michelle much (maybe because of her character.
Love Dianna Agron because let's face it. She's hot.
and who's Cory again?

Awesome cover eh? i heard some parents were furious and some critics raised some eyebrows when the issue came out. So here a question, 
"how can these high school glee kids get a cover on GQ magazine which is specifically written for adult men?"
Hey, i am not questioning GQ and GLEE motives. i'm all for it.
But, are they trying to get more male viewers? I mean yes, it's not porn..but GD did a superb job in sexualizing the actresses who plays high school characters on GLEE. There is also a thin line between, endorsing clothes and high school fantasies. same with Artistic and slutty. (what the hell am i saying?! show the pics!)

but GLEE are definitely pushing the limits of television. overall Glee is a good show, it just needs improvement on some parts of the show. (Enough with my rant, i know you guys want to see their pictures!)

Dianna Agron

now where are those high resolution pics? :)

mix signing out!

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