Missing Mister Kebab


Way back in 2009, nix and I used to always eat at Mr. Kebab after gym, before gym and before going home or jut when we are down and needed a little comforting. It was our comfort food and our cheap escape from highend restos, expensive types that hurts the living hole of wallets. Way back then even before it moved to west ave from it's original place, I was a fan. We were a fan and have always been coming back.

After almost a year, we had the chance on a Sunday late lunch and grabbed that opportunity to see if the food has changed and if the prices changed.

We ordered the following:

Shawarma on plate

Beef keema with egg plant

And their awesome rice with butter to go with. I also ordered one pita bread just bec i missed it.

Yes it may look like small orders but that was our appetite that time. And surprisingly after the lunch, we were full. We didn't order kebab, we didn't get pita breads, no hummus and ox's brain.
It definitely was comforting. Again we were happy and full. :)

Total damage was less than php 300.

Definitely worth it :). Next time, i promise to try their other specialties.

Well, that's it for now!

Mix signing out!


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