PB & Co. 2n time around


Ok, I've been bust with a lot lately that I don't even know why I was busy. I missed about of events and lots of happenings.

Anyways, the thing that is on top of my head right now is our second visit to the PB & Co.

We came across this sandwich, I wanted a burger but we already had one before, so I went for the sandwich.

Image warm bananas with crispy bacons and melted nutty peanut butter in a bread toast.

Just imagine those all together. Well it might be weird putting then in a sentence but I tell you, it is amazing!!!
It is surprisingly good, the flavors just exploded in our mouths and there, took a while for us to absorb and cant help but smile and be happy with our choice of order. :)

Another thing good about that night is we ordered this float. Now if you order floats on other stores, 1. You'd be disappointed 2. You'd be unsatisfied.
Why? Because of the serving size, because of the softdrinks they put, and because of the chunks of ice they put in your drink. But here, I was surprised and happy with how it I went.

The lady gave us thus huge cup, the size like a biggie type of cup in wendy's, with around 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and a choice of our preferred soft drinks.
Well, barq's as we know goes well with this.
We also ordered chicken pasta and the chicken wings.

Yes, it was a great night. Tasty, full and happy. Eat eat eat! I can't wait to go back there and try out new stuffs!

Mix and nix enjoying the time and food together. Good times.

Mix signing out!

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