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The food trip adventure happened last September 23, 2010, Thursday. It's been a while since the three of us (Allan, Nix & I) had dinner and some time to catch up, so I took it upon my self to look for a good restaurant, preferably Asian. :) so with the power of my mouse and keyboard i did a little Googling. Typed in Singaporean food, chines food etc. and i stumbled upon this Tao Yuan restaurant in Malate, and seeing a lot of reviews from this resto i searched OAP. (our awesome planet) http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/ which i normally visit, it is a really really good food blog by sr Anton Diaz, i search and tried to see if he had gone there, and yes, Mr. Anton Diaz of OAP was there.

Some time in the afternoon, i called in and reserved a place for dinner good for three. Arrived at the place, which was not really hard to find, They had a parking space beside the resto but it was jam packed on a Thursday night, so we decided to park at the nearby Hotel. Pan Pacific Hotel. 

From my finger googling research, i found out that Tao Yuan originally serve Hong Kong Cantonese food but when they brough in Singaporean chefs, their off the menu Singaporean food spread  like the hottest news bits / scandals. It was event rated by the Singaporean Embassy that this is the best Singaporean food in Manila. Now, after reading that on a review, i guess we had no choice but to try it.

Arriving at the reception, we were greeted by welcoming group, sad to say... they can't see the reservation that i made that afternoon. Good thing they have a cleared table for four. I even saw my relatives there. I saw the Dichaves  Family with their friends.

Moving on...

We were greeted with very nice reception a very pleasant and very good order taker. She was recommending ad really gave useful suggestions on what to add to our list of orders :)

First up on our order,
Hainanese Chicken. 1/2 good for 3-4 person  
P 450 + 10% service charge
Their chili, garlic and soy sauce serving is in small amounts but as what OAP said, yes, you can ask for more!

I forgot the price of the Laksa - but it was definitely Lak-SARAP!
I think the price range of it is around 300-450 + 10% Service charge

Cereal Prawns (P 150 per piece + 10% service charge)

Chili crab (650 for 500g + 10% Service charge)

Some sweet fried buns to dip in the chili crab sauce.
and no, that metal thingy that you use to crack open the crab is not for the buns.
and yes i forgot the price of the buns.. and yes! next time i'll make sure i get all the details :)

These food orders may be enough for a group of 3. but wait, there's more! and because i decided to follow what Anton has recommended :) i ordered Asado Tart. yes i did!

Asado Tart P 100 +10% service charge

and after eating and resting for a while i can't help but ask the waiter what's for dessert. :) I was going for the Mango sago like what OAP had. I think they had the Mango sago fro free at that time, he said maybe it was because of the camera he was carrying.  I wasn't carrying a big dslr camera like Sir Anton but the waiter told me that almond lychee is their dessert for that day. Mango sago is my favorite and i at that time i was craving for it, but i could also settle for Almond Lychee ... i guess.

I even asked the waiters if they normally serve free desserts to their customers, (because i asked for free desserts), and the guy said that yes they do serve it for free.

Here's a picture of the place
On the left are the round tables, and the one on the right is for shabu-shabu area / semi private room which has 4 corner tables. The one on the right side is where we stayed. I think they have two rooms on the ground floor, although I'm not sure if they have some on the second floor, I didn't really go up.

We  had a little chat with the waiter and asked which Celebrity dines at the place, well we heard the names of  politicians, the current president and vice president, the mayor, some other celebrities that i care not to listen anymore as i was sooooo full at that time.

Total damage: P 2,700.00 ouch. hehe but it was ok.. what we had was the best Singapore food Manila could offer!

Service was fast and really good! i couldn't complain with the way they handle their guests, it made me feel like a king. hehe and to top that, the food was great

We were happy and full. It was a good night.
Definitely the best Singaporean food in Manila!!

TAO YUAN is located at 508-512 General malvar Street, corner A. Mabini Street, Malate, Manila (below Reyna Isabelle Mansion and across Pan Pacific Hotel, beside Music 21 Plaza)

Telephone: +632 5227009 and 5227010

They also have a Facebook page. Tao Yuan 

Prior the food adventure that night, I texted sir Anton and asked for his recommendation and tips on my plan to eat there. I was surprised and happy that replied and answered my queries. So thanks sir ANTON DIAZ! check out his awesome blog

Mix signing out!

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