Joey's take on the Boys night out :)

Here's joey's detailed description of the night

Thank you Myke Soon and the good people at Blue Wave Mac for the VIP treatment last night! I had a blast! Great bands, great crowd, great place—I’m definitely coming back

I spent the better part of the night surveying the place—yes Myke, not unlike a “vulture.” I do that whenever I’m in a new place—a scouting report, if you will. I checked out the scene, found out where all the hot girls congregated, and pinpointed possible escape routes in case I get in trouble with some girl’s boyfriend.

I spotted a pair of hotties at Starbucks. They were at one of the corner tables with an extra chair between them. So I quickly bought a Green Tea Frappe (even though I was drinking beer at our table—the things I do to get laid) and asked the girls if I could join them since the place was full. To sweeten the deal, I promised not to fart too loudly. 

Now when you use this line, it can go either one of two ways. One, the girl could laugh out loud and think you’re the funniest guy alive or, two, she might think you’re a vile disgusting pig and ignore you completely. Lucky for me, it was the former and not the latter. Unluckily for me, the boyfriend arrived just as I was about to ask for her number. Oh well, c’est la vie!

One of the featured bands at Blue Wave, Drayber, showcased a lead singer who was a mix of Bruce Springsteen’s working-class wardrobe and Adam Lambert’s vocal chops. His version of Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak” brought the house down—the guy could just flat-out sing.

Sugarfree rocked the stage with a great mix of old and new songs plus a great cover of Gary V’s “Eto Na Naman.” Sugarfree’s funny/drunk/high/all of the above vocalist Ebel Dancel was in excellent form as he belted out their hits including “Burnout,” “Tulog Na,” and the finale “Hari Ng Sablay.”

But the highlight of the night (for me, anyway) was the performance by P.Y.T., an all-girl trio who oozed equal parts class and slutty sex appeal. I was completely mesmerized! To top it off, I got to meet the girls backstage and they even autographed my latest issue of Playboy magazine—they’re on the cover!

One of the girls is my newest crush. I’m not telling—don’t want to jinx it (I’m sorry Solenn Heusaff, but I’m cutting short your reign as Stalkee of the Month). In any case, in the immortal words of…uh…me, “She will be mine…oh yes, she will be mine.”

Below is a picture of me with the P.Y.T. crew. This is the reason why I rarely get my picture taken—I always look goofy and/or wasted in my photos.

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