Okay, okay its not what you think.. we didn't exactly go to a strip club or picked someone up and dragged her in some luxurious hotel because we won a lot of breads at poker game and cheated at a casino. No ma'am we didn't. We didn't also go to a bachelors party seeing naked underage kids trying to work their way into college. Nope, we didn't spend our cash getting girls to entertain us on our table and buying them ladies drink for 350 each for a solid 30 minutes. We didn't do that last night... not yet..

I invited a few friends from Araneta for come and try to enjoy and party here at Blue Wave Strip Mall in Macapagal Ave. They agreed and the date was set last night. The few good men were, Joey Bigornia (their fearless leader), Enrico Alonzo, Sonny Cruz and Basti Vasquez. (yes, that's their name, and they are searchable on Facebook). Unfortunately the tall guy RICO, who is a.k.a bossing Mr Vic Sotto had an "emergency" so he wasn't able to come, next is Raul a.k.a Basti bailed out on us the last minute. Quoting Joey, and then there were 3. It was Joey, Sonny and I. Three guys. with an unpredictable outcome at Blue Wave Macapagal.

We decided to meet around 8-830 for that's the time when the band starts, anyways, the bands performing that night was 
PYT - Pretty Young Thing. (hmmmm, just google them :) i'm sure you would )
Meet Nichole, Ava and Dania, 3 sizzling hot girls with equally hot talent. They will captivate you with their catchy songs and infectious moves. These girls are sure to mesmerize you with every beat, bump and grind.
The Blue Wave royalty
DRAYBERS (front man Mitoy Yonting)
and our featured band for that night 
SUGARFREE (which needs no introduction)

First up was PYT which got our blood pumping, it was the first time that i really watched them and focused on them since i was not on duty and I was a customer that night. Sexy moves, good vocals with awesome curves. Pretty young things indeed.
Catch the PRETTY YOUNG THING at Blue Wave every Fridays of September, also don't forget to grab a copy of Playboy Magazine, PYT is the cover for the September issue.

Next up is the DRAYBERS.
They are coming out with an album or an EP which is about to be released in a few weeks.

and if you have no idea of who Draybers is. i strongly recommend you listening to them for one night, a few songs. just listen to them. here's a sample video i suggest you watching. If you know 'anak' from Freddie Aguilar, well this is a pimped-out version of it. enjoy!

Their influences are Juan Dela Cruz Band and all Pinoy Rock Artists.
They also do well in covers of Air supply, The Journey, Queen, and other high pitched songs you can think of. :) Draybers are regularly performing at Blue Wave Strip Mall Macapagal Ave.

Anyways, PYT were selling copies of their magazine and yes, PYT was signing them with a free Photo-op.
Here's a pic of other customers who bought the magazine.

and yes, Joey did buy one and we had the girls signed the magazine with a picture of it to remember that night. :) and ava's hand on Joey's shoulder?? WTF? lol nice one man! score

So did sonny :)
I didn't have my picture taken, coz maybe i can have that opportunity every week and maybe if i have enough time and courage, i'd ask for a cooler pic next time :) haha lol.

A few moments after the picture and after a few songs from Draybers, Joey did a Harry Houdini on us. poof! hehe like a vulture circling a dying animal looking for fresh meats this side of town, like a panther on a prowl, Sonny hoped that you'd bring back three joey. he he That's my man! you'll get them next time. This place has potential and that guy has some mad skills man! :)

Anyways, the overall the experience was great, great one from the PYT, awesome set from DRAYBERS and good one from SUGARFREE. I hope the guys had fun that night.

Great place, Great bands, awesome people, and some other on the side. Ordered 2 buckets of light and had an extra 5, a couple of pica-pica. we didn't drink much. we just enjoyed the show. I hope the guys had fun, and they said they'll come back for more, and i'm looking forward to it

Well, Thats it! hope all of you other guys can visit the place too!

Stay update on the latest events and band schedules of BLUE WAVE. check out their Website, Facebook Fan page, You Tube Videos.

check this out - http://mixofeverything.blogspot.com
Mix signing out!

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