AN AWESOME NIGHT WITH THE MOCHA GIRLS Last night was fun. what a night. It was late, but it was worth the wait. I've been working f...

Last night was fun. what a night. It was late, but it was worth the wait.

I've been working for BLUE WAVE STRIP MALL - in Macapagal Ave. for almost a year now, and we've  had Mocha Girls once a week ever since but I didn't really have the urge to go up to them and say, hey I'm Myke, i work here, marketing and can i have a picture with you guys? ha ha. that's like so lame and stupid at the same time. I've had my share of rubbing elbows with celebrities, bands and other  from my previous jobs but that was years ago :) and i gotta say, i somehow miss it. Anyways, Last night was cool. Mocha Girls had their gig at  The Courtyard Blue Wave Macapagal and they are also there to promote the new fragrances, they are the endorsers for the new Playboy fragrances.  
Moving on, i was able to take a short video of them last night during their set.
                                                                    JHANE AND MAE
I  was posting pics and videos of them real time on my Facebook account. Good thing Blue Wave has Free Wi-Fi. so i was able to upload them after taking pic. apologies for the bad angle and quality =)
After their set at The Coutyard. They went straight to the meet and greet area of Playboy Fragrances, yes... and i was there...

The picture says it all, guys at their hormonal peak were all over around the Mocha Girls, Taking picture with the girls. What more could you ask for at that moment, the hot Mocha Girls are there, everything smells good thanks to Playboy fragrances, great venue, great music. Live and exclusive only at Blue Wave Strip mall Macapagal Ave.
There were about two bouncers present and other people from the Mocha band.

 The bouncers were like ex-army /slash/ ex-terminator /slash/ ex-hotdog eating contest champions. they were not smiling at all,  (i guess you can't show sign of weakness around people, not that smiling is a weakness.... shit what am i saying) and they (the bouncers) were all serious. This guy on the pic i deceived into guarding the wrong mocha girls, being all protective and everything, and while he was protecting the wrong girls... i jumped in and had my picture taken with the real mocha girls.. (like everything i said made sense :p)

Well of course i couldn't let the night pass by without having my picture taken with them.... and so i did :)
 A formal one and my favorite 'rock on' hand sign
After all this time, last night was the first time i met the group.. personally, one by one. and let me say this. they are really nice people and humble. They're not the type who would just say hi and turn their back on you or project a really bad snob type. Surprisingly they were cool and and 'makulit'.
with the ever beautiful and stunning Mocha
              with the cute doll like and alluring Mae and the rocker hottie and awesome Jhane
and i couldn't help but take one more picture with Jhane. Rocker girls are the bomb. Just like Arvil when she was new way back then, Gwen Steffani when she was still in No Doubt and Hayley Williams now of Paramore. There's no competition there. Hayley with the great vocal range, great performer and just plain raw and pure talent.

BTW Jhane, do check out Hayley's music, I'm sure you'll like them.

Well, that's how my evening went last night.

Thanks to Playboy for having the meet & greet with the girls at Blue Wave, to Byron their manager, to Mocha, Mae and of course Jhane for being super uber cool.

Check out the MOCHA GIRLS at BLUE WAVE MACAPAGAL every Wednesday of September! Meet and greet with them every Wednesday brought to you by PLAYBOY Fragrances!



This is Mix and Mocha effin out!

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