My morning today


I hate sleep deprived mornings, and today was one of em. I was literally dragging myself out of bed and really delaying myself to go to work. I guess sometime, you reach a point in your career when it starts to be a job again, or is it just how you take things.

Anyways, I woke up with my mom and dad pestering me to get up and move my ass. Same as any day. But today I took my time. I sat up, fixed my bed and headed outside. Thinking, hmmmm what's for breakfast? I usually don't eat breakfast or don't seem to enjoy it when I'm home, maybe it's because of how it's presented and though of. One day, pandit canton, one day sandwich spread, one day cereal, then cheese, eggs, pancake etc. And you wouldn't really know what's for breakfast unless you tell your mom what you want for the next morning. Anyways, today I woke up and sunny side up was there, coffee, bread and peanut butter. I didn't like it at first but hey, I was able to enjoy it somehow.

A guy passed by our house selling soy (taho) mom bought one for me. It was hot and really tasty and that made it for me, that made my morning and made my day.

I think life for me is somewhat like my morning, and breakfast everyday.
It's shitty at first and really feels bad but as every moment passes by, silver linings are there to give you hope of a better future, a better day. People come along and for me that guy is the soy vendor (mang-ta-taho), that gives us hope.

So hold on and just sit tight and wait for your mang-ta-taho....
Or better yet, go find your mang-ta-taho. Have a nice day people!

Mix signing out!

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