random rumblings of a sick bastard


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random rumblings of a sick bastard

I should not have gone to work... 
and now i dont feel so well
I wish i just stayed in bed today
wish i can leave this state of hell.

triple layers of clothes on me
long sleeves, jackets and another one
rain did fell the other day on me
blah blah blah blah sun!

i am rusty with my words today
not like before, not like back then
rhyming wasn't a problem for me,
i finish poems like 9 out of ten

my fever today reached 38.3
thought of not going to work
making today uneventful and free.
blah blah blah blah work work work work

like i said im sick
sick sick sick
sick of this life maybe or not sick at all
fall, call, mall, ball, hall.

catch you all soon!

Mix signing out!

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