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Hi there everyone.... iv'e been busy with a lot lately and didn't have enough time for blogging.... i know its not a good reason for you my avid fan readers.... haha as if i have any... well moving on..

Iv'e been busy with..(multiple choice)
a. new movies on my ipod (around 20+ which i watch every night before i go to sleep)
b. new online game.
c. work
d. social life

trick question.. ALL OF THE ABOVE.. yep damn straight.... it's really hard to juggle some stuffs nowadays, but i will find time and ill always will update this blog. whoever you are who is reading my every post.

...iv'e been in this compose page for 2 hours now and i get distracted by online games, facebook, work and other factors... 

im gonna retire for today, i am no good when i am this way.

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