True story:

I used to love my birthdays when I was young when I'm presented with gifts and cakes, and in my time popular cakes are cakes made by Goldilocks it always cheers me up seeing that big Goldilocks cake and dicing them up for my guests, friends, teachers, and for my  'baon' What happened from then till 2008?           
I grew up... I got so busy with teenage stuffs and teenage life,  then adolesence came and beat the crap out me, hormones were rushing,  fastfood was in, ordinary birthdays were replaced by eating in a fancy  restaurant.... and all that time, I forgot how Goldilocks used to make me happy when i was young.

The "pagbabago" happened during the most unexpected moment of my  life.

Way back in 2008 I was pursuing this co-worker or mine. The usual  taking her home is the only time I can really be with her. On one of  those days. We left the office around 6pm hoping to arrive at her  home in quezon city by 8pm. It was raining hard and as we were in the  FX venturing in to the flooded area of España/UST. Rain poured so hard that the water was about to come in to the FX. It was 9pm already,  considering that we left the office around 6pm, and if my math isn't  as bad as I remember, we we're stuck in trafic for like 3 hours!  And I  tell you, sitting in a crowded vehicle for 3 hours is not my idea of a  good time, but I was with her so I couldn't complain right? It was all i wanted, she was all  wanted...but  being with your crush, you will eventually run out of joke and ideas,  or even topics to talk about and you couldn't definitely dodge the silent moments of awkwardness.
Being stuck for 3 hours made us hungry and we didn't have any food with us but this mamon that i have, it was given to me by my mom that morning which i totally forgot about, and yes, it's a Fluffy Mamon by Goldilocks. Stories started flowing, and jokes came out naturally, we we're not tense anymore and we were laughing so hard on some simple jokes. 
During that time when we just passed by Maceda St. in España and halfway done with our one mamon, she grabbed my hand... held it with hers... our hands were locked in.... and i don't know what happened but she started pinching parts of the left over mamon and started feeding me with it, definitely a big move from an officemate, a suitor into an intimate friend.. 
As the Fluffly Mamon was consumed, and as another hour passed by, the rain stopped and we finally made it to her house. I didn't come in, but just outside the gate.... And as we were about to say goodbye, she kissed me on my cheeks, .. which i didn't really expect. We said our goodbyes,and then we parted ways... I couldn't believe what just happened and i can't help but direct my attention on the kiss and on my cheek that she kissed, it left a kind of wet/damped feel that feels cold and nice every time a wind brushes my cheek.. 

From that point, i was figuring out what i did right, what i said right to make what happened that night, HAPPENED. I thought of my jokes, stories, or even some common factors that we had but the real "pagbabago" happened when we shared the Fluffy Mamon together during the long drive. 

Again, after so many years, i can't help but to remember the feeling of my birthdays back then.. the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, Goldilocks again made me feel young again, made me feel satisfied and contented.
I guess, that it is in these moments that makes what Goldilocks it is today. There may have change in the look, but the results stay the same, it is the simplest happenings and instances where Goldilocks makes every occasion, every moment... special.

My thanks to my mom for putting the mamon in my bag, my thanks to the Awful weather, thanks to the heavy traffic, thanks to the crowded FX, thanks to the woman i share the Fluffy mamon with, we are going strong and just reached 3 years into our relationship. And my deepest thanks to GOLDILOCKS for being a big part of this significant change in my life.

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