SEX Education in High School

This post might be offensive to some closed-minded

Manila Bulletin said " All systems go for Sex Ed in High School"

Really?? This is all ready when our election wasn't? Well as far as i know, DepEd has been working it's ass off since 2005, taking necessary steps in integrating the sex education into schools. What they said is because there is a need to raise awareness of the young people on sexuality, hygiene, interpersonal relationships, and gender issues and status. That it makes the youth aware of the consequences of premarital sex. What they didn't say is the benefits of it. (grins)    ...     (murderous laugh)  ...   ...   (joking)   ... (not really)..

In this class, would there be someone failing and getting high scores?? i mean "Juan" topping the SEX ED class with honors? or would the school has summer classes? and what if students accidentally gets pregnant or an HIV would they fail the subject? Does this move gives hope to the teachers who are ready to... (you know).. would the teacher sexual abuse be higher or lower? anyways, just a thought.

I heard from a source, which she heard from a digital source that someone either DepEd or DECS is proposing SEX ED in pre-school??? but she was inclining over DepEd. What the Fudge??? I am not sure but you can bother her on her blog  and demand explanation if it is true or not. ha ha. 
Well, as per the Education Secretary Ms. Mona Valisno, Philippines is currently witnessing an increase of new Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection among 15-24 year old Filipinos from 41 in 2007 to 218 in 2009. I guess we have the figures then. ages 15-24 years old is just about the right age to teach sex ed in schools. Personally i recommend Grade 4.

Well, the teaching of the birds and bees to the kids should come from the parents, well, i didn't get that when i was young. I just became aware of it and somehow learned to become responsible. i guess this is a good move for DepEd and i think that people should be more open minded on these, other countries are doing it why can't we? if the main goal is to educate SEX properly, then why not right? Why stop there?? go with one child policy!!! haha naaaah two child policy is acceptable. :)

Anyways, if you are old enough, here is a video from japan about Sex Ed. check it out. 
(I think i like how Japanese thinks now ha ha). BTW before that, this should be played before the subject starts.

So how'd you like it? he he, cracks you up right? so visual and illustrative.. i just love the choreography hehe

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