Sexy Woman or a 4x4 Tough Truck??

Greetings beer drinkers!!!

Yes, your luck has changed for the better, and even before your eyes set on the image below, read this first.I'm not a drinker of Colt 45.  They say it's strong and their TV ADS says it's a strong beer for real men. 7.2 % alcohol content.  I'm an occasional San Mig Light Drinker, and if i'm not mistaken, the alcohol content of the San Miguel Pale Pilsen and San Mig Light is 5%, they just differ in the calorie content. I also drink Red horse beer but not that often, and again if i am not mistaken, Red Horse Beer has 7% alcohol content. 

Anyways, like i said, Colt 45 has 7.2 alcohol content so let's see, im not really sure but this AD might just convert me..

... uhhh..... umm....... ..... uuuuhhhhhhh.... if ever i'd win... i don't think i would need the truck. haha just joking. :) here's the video...

(replay, replay, replay)

Well? where are the ADS of other beer companies?? how do they compete with this? well, good luck!

I'm going to start collecting for crowns now.. To my good men out there. Happy Drinking!!!