laying low.


Sorry, i laid low for a while. Blog, Twitter and Facebook. :) maybe i got tired or i didn't really have anything to share with you guys. . 

what i did during the break was i deleted some contacts in Facebook that i didn't "personally" know.deleted some friends of friends, some acquaintances.. I just didn't like it when i get to share some stuff to some people i didn't know. period.

Al Gore.
Iv'e been hoping and waiting for an opportunity. I planned to attend the Al Gore Inconvenient Truth at SMX convention. Luckily, some good friends contacted me about it. and guess what? I'm going!!! i got a Silver ticket worth Php 5,280.00 not bad eh? Tell you all about the seminar when i get back from it.
Al Gore Live in Manila on April 30 @ SMX Convention Center. Tickets will be available soon in all Ticketnet outlets. Call 911-5555 for more details about the convention.

Last Sunday was a little bummer, aside from the usual "hanging out" at my best friends house, i somehow broke the "Whazzzup bitches" text to them every Sunday and ended up hanging out with my dad's friends, and in the end, ate two 1.5 kilo of  Lapu Lapu (soup and steamed), Yang chow, Spare Ribs, veggies, and noodles. Grown Chinese men know their food.

Yeap you heard right. i slept Saturday night with three noise pollutions. in our building, there were two separate karaoke blaring till around am, on both ends. and yes, our apartment was in the middle. This is one of the reasons why i wanted to transfer.

Woke up on the usual Sunday time. Roads were blocked because of some celebrations Filipinos got used to doing since people can't remember. Out of the usual and ordinary Fiesta, someone manages to convince young kids to wear gloves and come up with a friendly boxing type of game. Yeap, grownups convincing young kids to hit each other and promoting violence to underage kids. when they got tired, so called "trainers" of these young kids decided to wear the gloves themselves and beat the shit out of them selves. funny what they would do for a moment of fame, minutes of laughter and gloating but in the end a lifetime of shame.

This one guy, who was all train to the young kids before,wore the gloves, he was like all  Pacman ready to box, with all the air boxing and side steps and dodging, stretching, neck down, really annoying as there was arrogance by the way he moves, when his opponent just stood there not moving, psyching his opponent i guess. By the time some half naked men pretended to be the referee and the announcer, they invited the fighters in the middle, bumped gloves and the fight was on!!! This is really funny when watching it on top, it was since we were at our balcony mocking the shit out of them. Anyways, The guy with the"air boxing' fell down in less than 30 seconds. fell down again after a minute and fell down for the third time around 4 minutes into the fight. ha ha it was just funny how the obnoxious guy gets the beating of his life. SHAMEFUL. i had pictures of the fight. i will upload them soon. The things Filipino's do for amusement and for fun amuses me. i guess that's somehow what makes us survive in hard times, this is seeing the the fun and light side of life even though everything around us is falling apart.

Using the internet takes too much of our time. Such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and others. I think that the less we use it, the more we can connect with life, with people and with what we do. I guess this is the consequence of having a very powerful medium right in our hand. Not having this, i think life can be simpler, i think life would be a bliss. 

Mix signing out! 

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