Politician SEX SCANDAL - A Cheat Sheet


Here is the quick reference guide to help all politicians get through those inevitable sex scandals!

Well this is a nice guide for politicians... although its not that really big here in the Philippines, Most politicians do it and they don't get much of an issue out of it.. and with the money that they have news are easily blocked. 

The politicians thing here is money... they come up of ways to somehow extort money out of every damn living organism in the country. some take advantage, makes promises during the election campaign but never really followed through.

And now that election here in the Philippines is over, (with incomplete results) i wonder what will happen in this country... hmmmm.. well going back to the Cheat sheet, i really wouldn't mind  our politicians having sex scandals with their secretaries, intern call girls, dude in the bathroom, drivers, teenage boys, or a sea cucumbers. (i don't know why), just as long as they do their freakin jobs. help the country and make this greater than it is now...

come on Mr. "my parents left a big history in the Philippines" (hmm thats quite long..) 

again, again,

Come on Mr. President! (yes you!, im talking to you!) now marry your girlfriend, and commit the said scandals you see on the sheet, don't forget to make Philippines better!... i just hope that you do...  or else, i will be there in EDSA Shrine starting another revolution.


image credits to: http://www.letsjoy.com/

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