...Come on, friends my balls.


Tom :       No, you know what ? I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on.
Summer : Nothing’s going on. We’re just ..
Tom :       We’re just what ? Just what ?
Summer : We’re just friends …
Tom :       No. Don’t pull that with me. Don’t even try. This is not how you treat your friend. Kissing in the copy room,  

                holding hands in Ikea, shower sex … Come on, friends my balls.
Summer : I like you, Tom. I just don’t want a relationship.
Tom :       Well, you’re not the only one who gets a say in this ! I do too ! and I say we’re a couple, god damn it !


this is a good movie.... i recommend you guys watch it. now! go! go! go! 

my review: nice rise and fall of scenes, very nice writing, carefully written and edited, but i think it is capable of so much more than this. 

irresistibly witty and romantic at the same time. a different take on a ROMCOM and definitely a different view on relationships. a rare case of boy meets girl.

I suggest you guys watch this and give me your thoughts.


Rated: PG-13 [See Full Rating]
Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins
Genre: Comedies
Theatrical Release:Jul 17, 2009 Limited
Box Office: $32,118,648
Synopsis: Fans of HIGH FIDELITY and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND will be charmed by this quirky film that sheds a linear plot in favor of a memory-driven look at a failed romance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (BRICK) stars as Tom, a greeting-card writer who dreams of becoming an architect and finding his true love. Zooey Deschanel (THE HAPPENING) plays Summer, a vintage-looking beauty whose ideas about love are entirely modern. As Tom remembers his 500 days with Summer, his mind jumps from moment to moment, largely thinking of the good times in their trouble-filled relationship. Indie darlings Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt are perfectly cast in this sweet, funny film that infuses the typical romantic tropes with reality. Anyone else would have caused audiences to hate Summer, but Deschanel is adorable enough that she still endears herself to viewers. Arthouse favorite Gordon-Levitt hasn’t played a traditional romantic lead since 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU in 1999, but here he proves equally adept at portraying Tom’s sweetness and his neuroses. Music-video director Marc Webb makes his feature debut with (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, and it’s easy to see influences of his past work. The soundtrack boasts songs from Regina Spektor, Doves, Feist, Wolfmother, and, of course, The Smiths, the band that brings the couple together. Webb also adds an innovative style to the dramedy, combining a naturalistic look at love with a non-linear plot, animated vignettes, and a triumphant musical sequence. The film’s mixture of cynicism and romance makes it perfect viewing for happy couples, the recently dumped, and the hopeful singles in the audience. [Less]


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