NoyNoy and Gibo on Glee


Yes! it is true, they shall star in the smash hit series glee, !!! see the review below
Glee, airing Monday nights at 8 on Hack TV and Tuesday nights at 10 on BLT, is the story of O-BIG! (gibo), and YONYON (noy) two young optimistic politicians who refuels their passion for leading the country and hanging on to his (Noy's) parents legacy, and (Gib's) Harvard degree and airplane flying thingy.and a couply of singing and performing, watch them as they takes over the Philippine's High School’s Glee Club.

Convinced that their fate has led them to do such a task, each of them goes on their own separate ways in the upcoming election. YONYON gathered a ragtag group of politicians and inspires them to realize income potential — even if everyone around them thinks otherwise, and O-BIG gathers.... errrr uhm.... waht is it again?

Mixing comedy, drama, politics and popular music, such as MAGKAISA, I SHOT THE SHERRIF, REDEMPTION SONG, HINDI KITA MALILMUTAN, HALUKAY UBE, and the song "DI BILOG! DI BILOG! ang iyong ITLOG!, and many other songs. Glee redefines the usual formula for the politics musical — it’s edgier, funnier and bursting with vibrant characters. With the Very climactic EDSA 4 scene, lead by the opposition, this will definitely keep you to the edge of your seat! plus! a sneak peak of the first lady of the show!

Rating an average of 13 million plus (noynoy votes)viewers on its special preview episode last summer in the US, some critics wondered if the same excitement could be sustained until its fall premiere. But Glee has made its own following. Fans are even more excited to watch it. (yes i am)

you guys gotta watch this... and now that Mr. Aquino has 13 million plus votes... i guess we should all say hi to his first lady Ms. Aquino, .................Kris Aquino (God save us).

giving enough time and enough emotions left hanging, let us say hi to a not so distant EDSA 3 or 4, or what ever number it is now.

any ways! see you all soon! :)

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