It's a Tasty NO vote mr. Soon


Ok before the May ten election, may 9, i planned on getting drunk. Yes, that's for no reason at all. I didn't think that I will be voting, since I lost interest in it really. So what I did was, i visited my best friends (thom and Troy) and just hanged at their place and spend the night. You know what we did? Yes! XBOX360. Hell yeah! Haha. Played a couple of NBA2k10 and left for dead and others on a 32inch LCD tv. You could just imagine the graphics, the clarity and the experience you'll be getting when you use this powerful machine. anyways, enough with the sales talk, moving on.

During dinner, we ordered some tasty dumplings and porkchop. Btw, you should try TASTY'S porkchop and dumplings, it's to die for! Not you typical porkchop western style, but porkchop cooked chinese style(I think) with great steamed dumplings to go with, to top that, they have great fish sauce and chili sauce to go with freakin awesome food! A must stop over what you are near binondo, recto, and masangkay.
They also have a brace in Quezon City in Banaue. And yes they deliver. I would like to share to you another story, Nix was really craving for this porkchop and dumpling and called up Tasty branch in Banaue and would like to order. after placing orders and everything, when nix gave her address, the TASTY order taker girl said "ma'am I'm sorry, but our delivery boy only uses bike on our deliveries" and just to share Nix's home is in Tandang Sora, it is way past SM north EDSA and Trinoma, and for those who don't know where tandang Sora is, it is far, really far if you are using a bike! Ha ha.

Anyways, after dinner, we rested a bit watched movie on cable "Enchanted" and yes XBOX360 again!

Anyways waking up during the election 2010. Mom and dad texted which somehow woke me up inviting me to vote. I just got up and played NBA again, then headed home before lunch.

I didn't plan to really vote, but with mom's nagging and persuasion, i decided to go. When I got to the school which took around 5 mins to walk from my house. I lookedup my name. And guess what. I wasn't there, I asked the people with the computers and asked them to check my name, anyways, my name wasn't there. It's because I didn't vote on the last election, and from what I heard, COMELEC did a cleanup on the registered individuals. So, I didn't get to vote. Too bad, I was rooting for Gibo and Binay.

After that, I fixed up and watch Iron Man for the second time, this time it rocked even more! It was a great movie.

Anyways, that's how my election day went.
And right now, Noynoy is leading with an Unofficial 5million plus votes. Dang it! Good thing Binay is leading. Anyways. Catch you all later bloggers!

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