Noynoy and his ego


Ok, I don't get it what's going on in Noynoy's head but geeze.. Something is wrong with the way he thinks now that the first automated election is coming up.

From what I heard. He said that the only way that he will lose this years elections is that If a huge fraud happened in the whole country. Is he that confident? Really?!!
He was even giving hints that if he doesn't win, another people power might happen.

For heaven sakes!! It doesn't mean that if you constanly lead every single damn survey, automatically you are the winner. Noynoy act as if he is the president already. It's not bad to be confident, but to be over confident. Hmmmm it's just plain wrong. I don't know if Kris has something to do with this but there is a change in noynoy during the campaign in. A negative way.

Let's take Gibo for example. He is quietly working his way up the polls. He doesn't brag, he is quiet and just busts his ass working and campaigning all over the country.

And now that noynoy got the votes of INC. Let's see if his head can get any bigger. I've nothing againts his father. He'll, I like 500 bills. I've nothing againts the first female presidet of the country. But riding on their legacy? Awww hell no.

Well, all of us wish change in this country, and yes I also hope something good will come out of this big one. So let's just all pray and vote for the best candidate.

Someone told me that my vote will go to waste if I put it in Gibo. Bec Aquino and Villar will go head to head in the end, and in order to avoid Villar from winning is to vote for Aquino. I gave it a thought and I say, hey I think you're right. But after giving it much thought, if there were millions like me who would vote for Gibo even if someone
Says he's not gonna win. Combining all this votes. I think Gibo can match up with the two big candidates.

I guess that's it. I vote Gibo!

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