CROCS ABF at Enchanted Kingdom BiKi Waterworld


Nix and I we're invited to check out the presentation of the new Crocs ABF (almost barfoot) collection in Laguna. beside Enchanted kingdom at their new attaction the EK BIKI Waterworld. We arrived around 430 pm, kinda late, but kinda on-time. we came the the hosts we're giving out information and introducing the benefits of ABF.

Check out my earlier post.

Anyways, we arrived there and there we were greeted with big inflatables, swimmers were wearing swimming caps, wearing the proper swim wear, some foreigners and some locals also. 


arrived there and people were already gathered up inside the white tent, it was a little hot and the sun's glare was kinda irritating, but! the show did go on..


After the introduction, the president and marketing manager welcomed everyone at the EK BIKI WATERWORLD, the Korean partner for the project BIKI Waterworld was also there. After that, a fashion show followed and they had performers like the "Velasco Brothers" and a known and a very good magician (sorry i just forgot the name), in the evening.

The Crocs Fashion Show

See that damn post in the middle? it was really hard to get around it.... why? because it was exactly in the middle of the runway...duh! he he 

The Velasco Brothers


Oh, We got also got a few freebies, like hmmm lets see, DQ Dillybar, perfect for the heat, some keychains and stickers, some free pictures also from POSE and PRINT.

too bad we didnt win the 6months supply of crocs, hehe, well thats ok, we left the event around 7pm i think, or 730. The event was FUNFUNFUN! Crocs rulez!!! (with the z?? hehe)

We would like to thank Helton and Charlie for the opportunity. Till next time!
(from Left to right) Nix, Mix, Helton, Charlie.

Till the next event guys!

mix signing out!

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