Sexy - Sands of Time

So? were you able to get the title? why did i put sexy again? well, to basically somehow get your attention, i hope it worked. the poster speaks for itself. (to most of you that is), yes i just watched the movie a few hours ago... and i just had to blog this before i sleep.

Anyways, this is not (yet) a review of the movie, i will get to that in a few hours. This is about the character in the movie,  Princess Tamina, or should i say the actress named Gemma Arterton, ring any bell? no? well it didn't ring any bells for me... well maybe just one.... har har har! (ehem).   

 .......As i was saying, this Gemma girl also starred in one of a very known movie, i just can't believe i missed it and didn't recognize her as soon as i saw her, well, she was in the Movie of James Bond,YES!!! she was a BOND GIRL!  Quantum of Solace, she plays Agent Fields. which is somehow right in a way coz, people watch Bond movies because of the girls, cars, and other techie stuffs. Anyways, here it is.

 get it now? remember her? which is the end turned into this...
well? remember now? good.

Anyways, i wasn't really in to her, (didn't like her upper lip), but she was kind of alluring and amusing, maybe it was her character. anyways, with the ninja internet skills that i have,  i found a couple of pics of her... enjoy.

Gemma Arterton BikiniGemma Arterton SexyGemma Arterton oil-covered photo
Yes, she she is our girl for the day! ms Gemma Arterton, The other reason why we wait for her action scenes, is..... to see the moovie's action, whhat were you thinking??I hope you you get my point on why i blogged about this...By the way, I found a rumor, i don't know it's true or not, check it our for yourself, let your ninja skills work! Here's a peak.."....The Quantum of Solace Bond Girl was reportedly born with six fingers on both hands, but doctors quickly “tied-off” the extra digits......"Not sure if it's true, but check it out is mix, signing out!