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TEARDROP a Finger-Picking Newton Faulkner. Awesome-ness

By May 27, 2010 ,

I am currently jamming Newton Faulkner's music nowadays, I came across this guy a few days ago while i was searching for a video of the Teardrop song version of Massive Attack.  You know the song that play in the opening credits of House MD. (you don't know the TV series HOUSE MD?? How dare you!). anyway, check out the video below first just to give you an idea, again this is only the intro song. The title is TEARDROP by MASSIVE ATTACK.

This is the link of the complete version Teardrop

Got the feel of the intro? cool huh? the whole song is even cool. any ways, check out the cover version of this white guy with dreadlocks Newton Faulkner.

saw the fingers?? how they move? the voice? the knocking thingy on the guitar? isn't it just effin amazing with how he played it? if it was me i'd get mixed up with the beat, voice, chord and strum, it's amazing how he was able to get a hang of it. He must be really good. and now he's been playng on my ipod touch for a while now.

hmmm, so in conclusion,     
        white guy + dreadlocks + great guitar playing + great voice = a STAR!

Cool huh? his awesomeness makes you play it over and over again. anyways, enjoy! im currently jamming on his Hand Built by Robots album.


2007Hand Built by Robots
  • First studio album
  • Release date: 27 July 2007
  • Label: Ugly Truth

2009Rebuilt by Humans
  • Second studio album
  • Release date: 28 September 2009

2007"I Need Something"

"Dream Catch Me"

2008"All I Got"


"I Need Something" (re-release)

"Gone in the Morning"

"To the Light" (video only)

2009"If This Is It"

"Over and Out"
Here's a short info of Newton Faulkner. 

Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner (born 11 January 1985 in ReigateSurrey) is an English musician. He is known for his guitar playing style, which involves him rhythmically tapping and hitting the guitar's body,[1] and finger-picking.

Music career

Appearances in 2006 on BBC Radio 2 as well as a publishing deal with Peermusic UK compelled the Independent on Sunday to tell its readers to "watch this face".[2] Faulkner performed at the 2006 South by Southwest music festival and at Guilfest 2007.
Newton subsequently signed with Sony BMG records and on the 30 July 2007 he released his début album Hand Built By Robots. He supported James Morrison on his February UK tour as well as Paolo Nutini on his UK tour in April, and John Mayer on his September dates in the UK. He supported The John Butler Trio on a number of European dates.
In June 2007, Newton's second single "Dream Catch Me" was selected Jo Whiley's Pet Sound on her daily Radio 1 show. This gave the track much exposure and was highly commented on by listeners to Jo's show by SMS and e-mail.
On 29 July, "Dream Catch Me" entered the UK Singles Chart at number 16. The following week it had risen to number 7 with Hand Built By Robots entering the album charts at number 3. The song was still at number 8 on 12 August and the album reached number 1 on 26 August.
Faulkner's fourth single from Hand Built By Robots, "Teardrop" (a cover of the Massive Attack track), was released on 10 December 2007. A new video for "I Need Something" was released in March along with a United States version of the video for "Dream Catch Me".
On a video blog streamed live from Newton Faulkner's website on 22 June 2009, Newton stated that the new album was to be called Rebuilt By Humans. The reason for this was that in December 2008, Newton slipped on some ice and badly injured his wrist, into which doctors had to fit a metal plate. Newton said that, effectively, he had 'been put back together again' by humans. The album was released 21 September 2009. The first single from the album was "If this Is It", with the video exclusively shown on Channel 4 on 1 August, and released on the 14 September 2009.
In 2010 Newton showed his greatest potential on the Hamish and Andy Show. He was able to serenade the whole radio audience by playing his new hit "I Hate Mondays". Newton's new song was written by Horgs, who happens to be Andy's ex-housemate. Horgs is a new up and coming song writer/attempted inventor[citation needed], who's ideas are beginning to change the way the Australian Music industry thinks[citation needed]. The song 'I hate Mondays' encapsulates the worlds loathing for the 1st day of the week (Monday), and also how much we all enjoy Sundays[citation needed].

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