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a lazy yet busy last day in Manila

By April 06, 2010 ,

Dear Manila, ill be leaving tomorrow... stay corrupted, stay dirty and crazy, stay crowded and stay trafficked with your jeepnys. maintain you P30 peso flag down rate for i shan't be long. ill be back to share with you my travels, i will tell you how i met Sentosa... and how it kicks your ass in a lot of ways. he he.

and just to compare, see manila pics below

Divisoria Night Market

Now check out Singapore

File:Sentosa, Montage, Aug 06.JPG 

ok ok, the comparison may be an exaggeration but we simply cant deny what Singapore has to offer right? they got some good shits too. :) but bottom line, i love manila, i grew up here... literally grew up in avenida/recto carriedo, quiapo... this is home and there is no place like manila.

 well, i guess, that is it for now.... im not in the mood to write about anything write now.. ive been in the compose page for hours and i cant seem to get my hand do the typing.. so lazy.. lots of meetings and work and turnovers and stuffs.. anyways, ill see you all soon and i hope to hear from you all. thanks for dropping by, hit the comments!

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