Left Clark around 1231
bash was nice enough to give me the window seat. :) hehe

arrived at the changi ariport around 5pm

we immediately took a cab and headed for the hotel.

Mr. Daniel Tan's vehicle was big enough for 6 passengers and took us right to the hotel where we were staying. . Fragrance Hotel Oasis. but let me warn you first. it may look not that great on the outside. it may look small in its exterior but it was just right. not too fancy and not too low end. it was just right for us visitors/travelers. anyways. we were having a hard time conversing as their English there wasn't that good. but eventually we did understood him. turns out I understand his Chinese (fukien) a bit. so that somehow started the conversation. it gave us a discount at around  S$20.

moving on, upon arriving at the Fragrance Hotel Oasis we settled down, fixed our clothes, arranged stuffs around the small but yet decent room. and after 20 minutes or so, we decided to eat on the Balestier food court right beside the Hotel.

some stalls were open, some were not. the place wasn't that big and not that small. it was just right. saw one store selling cigarettes with pictures of the side effects of smoking (now that's appetizing), right beside the one selling the beer. oh yes, first dine in Singapore and i took their local beer. its like a mix of Coors and San Miguel Light. Took their rice meal duck i think and bash took the stingray with other noodles/togue.

after eating, we decided to go back to the hotel and freshen up a bit before going to Orchard road. after 20 minutes, we headed to take the bus and go to the nearest MRT station (Novena) then take the MRT and go to Orchard Road.

for first timer (like me) you'd be amaze of the developments Singapore has compare to the Philippine. i envy their country in a lot of ways.

for the bus you pay an average of S$1 or around 69c (if you are using the SMRT card - am i right?, im not sure) but basically, you can use their stored value card in the MRT and in the BUS. you can also use that to pay for the cab. (cool huh?)

the ticket that you see above is a single journey ticket. which cost an average of S$2, and you can refund the 1 dollar after the trip. (cost of the card).

After the ride we arrive at our destination that evening... 

Orchard Road. the famous orchard road. hmm i wonder why... hehe..

some friends of mine traveled here last year, walked-in and applied for a job...

and now they're working there.. isn't that cool? my... but upon reaching the place, i didn't know where to start the tour, or where to simply look for a job. (not that i was looking for one). the place  /road was lively, people walking in business suits, some in their slippers. malls and building were all lit. it was like a little New York. (but not the close since both are incomparable and totally different, but i hope you get my drift)

It was different, it was something new to me and it was a great feeling just being in a different place with no worries and you get to enjoy that with friends and with unknown "disciplined" citizens around you. it was great. a lot of high end stores, 7-11 everywhere... lots of Chinese there, looking like me...  it was clean and refreshing to see.

after going around a bit, buying this and that. eating this and that. dropping by at lucky plaza.. (i don't recommend buying here).

we decided to hit the sack and get an early shut eye and charge up for the next day-  UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE!!!

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