im back! then im off again... :)


As the title of the says, "i'm back! then i'm off again... :)" simple means that after having a long, yet short vacation doing simply nothing, but ended up being tired and stressed. here is a breakdown of what i did three days ago.

first day of the holy week vacation. i still woke up early. backed up my lap top & external drive. filed stuffs, deleted some, arranged some, then i noticed... its 4pm already.. my, how time flies... btw, having fish, which something fried and very salty during lunch was not very appetizing.. i ate few.. thats why i ordered pizza for dinner :) he he... i would like to take beer with it but mom would kill me..    


hmmmm woke up early, with the noise of the people around me. i was grouchy. i hated waking up early when i don't have work or don't have anything planned for that morning.. beeecaaauuseeee....  i cant sleep back again once i'm awake!. thats it... i woke up and do what i usually do..messed my stuffs... then here we go again.. lunch! (like its something i've been waiting for... hell no..) fish.. again...  so after lunch i decided to hang out with my best buds Troy and Thom (yes, those are their names.. and they're bothers ) brought my laptop with me and went to their place.. i took advantage of the free wi-fi so i downloaded a few stuffs like

the MARVEL MOTION COMICS (X-Men & Spiderwoman) its actually a lot better that the watchmen motion comics.

i also downloaded... errr i meant, "PURCHASED" a new itouch app. DEFENDER CHRONICLES. it rocks!

going back. after playing warcraft with my buds... being a couple of couch potatoes and everything, we ate, drank, played, and then it was evening..I decided to spend the night.. which i normally do, even way back when we we're kids... you're with your friends, lots of chips, movies, hanging out, games, and air conditioned room. :) hehe, oh btw, we watched ZOMBIE LAND (i recommend this) a must watch!. oh and i ate BEEF AND PORK that night! YES! i cheated. hehe oh well, sue me!!.. (don't let mom know) :)

next day, i went home around 11am and waited for my girl BASH to drop by. we we're going to do something. a layout/advertorial or something. ate a bunch of seafood and left the house around 3pm.. i told my parents i have "work" that afternoon....

and so i did.... SHOP! at Trinoma.. and watched the kickass movie  CLASH OF THE TITANS! awesome cool movie.. lines for the move we're crazy.. thanks to my A Card we were fast tracked! :)

Easter event in the malls! well, here i am writing this as fast as i can so that i can do the coloring of the bunnies and eggs. :) well, that was a fast track review of the long weekend. and tomorrow.. another Monday, another work day... haaaaaay oh well chat with you guys soon. sorry I'm not in the mood to chat now but hey, I'm happy i get to share these with you. any who..... the "off again" i was referring to is that i am travelling to Singapore in 2 days! isn't that awesome? haha .. ill tell you about it tomorrow

PS. movies i watched during the long vacation.
jennifer's body
500 days of summer
the gos who wasn't there
princess and the frog
zombie land

i would like to share this thing t shirt design on the net. really cool.. i guess it can also apply here in the Philippines.. its witty and somehow amusing to some open minded people

and with that, this is myke.. signing out!

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