Landers Superstore Celebrates 8th Anniversary with FREE Membership Renewal for Frontliners

Join Landers Superstore's 8th-anniversary celebration and enjoy a complimentary membership renewal for frontliners. Shop high-quality products and exclusive discounts now!

Real superheroes don’t just wear capes; they wear uniforms and lab coats. Landers recognizes the dedication of our frontliners by offering a special gift on its 8th anniversary. Frontliners, including healthcare professionals, emergency responders, military personnel, and government employees, can receive a FREE membership or renew their existing one at Landers Superstore until June 11.

With this complimentary Landers membership, frontliners gain access to exclusive discounts, premium products, and a host of member benefits. Explore a wide range of imported and local merchandise at Landers branches, from daily essentials to appliances and furniture, all at discounted prices.

Frontliners can also take advantage of ongoing deals like Instant Savings, Super Crazy Sale, and Fresh & Produce Sale, helping them save on their purchases throughout the year. After a long day of serving our country, frontliners can treat themselves to a meal at Landers Central and Doppio, offering delicious New York-inspired dishes and freshly brewed coffee blends.

In addition to these perks, members can enjoy low-cost medications at Capital Care Pharmacy, complimentary haircuts at Federal Barbers, discounted fuel at Caltex, and reduced prices for Solane LPG. Frontliners can renew their membership by presenting the required identification at the membership counters.

For more information, visit Landers PH's official website and follow their social media accounts for updates. Join us in celebrating our modern heroes and thanking them for their unwavering dedication.

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