Arte Bettina's Toy Show Took Me on a Wild Ride!

Ever get that feeling of pure imagination overload as a kid? That's what just happened to me at Arte Bettina's epic toy show, "Tales of Two Journeys." Forget your average toy collection – this was a full-blown story come to life!
It all started with these two Arte Bettina legends, Arman and Wetworks. They dreamt up these crazy detailed sculptures inspired by Japanese pop culture. But these weren't just your typical figurines – they were like full-fledged characters with epic backstories and all! Each one had a crazy cool painting that brought them to life, like stepping right into a whole new world.
But wait, it gets even cooler! Arman and Wetworks didn't hog all the fun. They invited 21 other super talented toy designers to join the party. Each artist took a crack at reimagining the original characters, "Hiro and Fuji" and "Toy and Tako Jimbo," adding their own unique spin. It was like a creativity explosion! Every toy was a wild new interpretation, bursting with imagination.

Here's the original work of Wetworks on Hiro and Fuji

And the twists and different concept of the different artists.
Thiago Saur x Wetworks
Ramona Gaston x Wetworks
Dondi Fernandez x Wetworks
Lianne Steffi Lim x Wetworks

PAWPAW x Wetworks
WINVILL x Wetworks

VYNC x Wetworks
DTC Studios x Wetworks

This one right here is the original work of Arman Kendrick of Toy and Tako.

Paulo Amparo x Arman Kendrick
Jan Calleja x Arman Kendrick
Jethro Olba x Arman Kendrick
Two Front Teeth x Arman Kendrick
8FF Studio x Arman Kendrick
13 LuckyMonkey x Arman Kendrick

The next ones by Jojo Barja went over and beyond the assignment. Two separate setups. First one is Tako.
Jojo Barja x Arman Kendrick
Jojo Barja x  Arman Kendrick
Distort Monsters x Arman Kendrick
Yok Joaquin x Arman Kendrick
Reen Barrera x Arman Kendrick

This whole show was a total blast from the past. It reminded me that even the wackiest childhood dreams can turn into something incredible. All you need is a spark of inspiration, a sprinkle of imagination, and a whole lot of passion. These artists totally rekindled their inner child and let their creativity run wild, and guess what? They took us all on an unforgettable adventure with "Tales of Two Journeys." If you get the chance, definitely check it out – it's mind-blowing!

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