Xiaomi Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech & Debuts SU7 EV, Completing Smart Ecosystem

Xiaomi Redefines EVs: Unveils 5 Core Technologies & Debuts SU7 Sedan
Xiaomi shakes up the EV industry with 5 self-developed core technologies! Explore the Xiaomi SU7, a high-performance eco-tech sedan boasting smart features and completing their "Human x Car x Home" ecosystem.

Xiaomi Philippines breaks new ground in the electric vehicle (EV) market with the launch of its five core automotive technologies and the highly anticipated Xiaomi SU7. This marks a significant step towards their vision of a complete "Human x Car x Home" smart ecosystem.

Revolutionizing the EV Landscape
Xiaomi isn't just entering the EV market; they're redefining it. Their commitment is evident in the five core technologies unveiled at the Xiaomi EV Technology Launch:
E-Motors: Featuring the record-breaking HyperEngine V8s with a 27,200 rpm maximum speed, Xiaomi's E-motors push performance boundaries.
  • Battery: The CTB Integrated Battery Technology boasts a 77.8% integration efficiency, the highest globally, and a maximum range exceeding 1200 km.
  • Xiaomi Hyper Die-Casting: This self-developed technology integrates 72 components into one, reducing weight and production time.
  • Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving: Utilizing innovative technologies like Adaptive BEV Technology, Xiaomi's autonomous driving system is positioned to be a top contender by 2024.
  • Smart Cabin: Designed with a "human-centric" approach, the Smart Cabin features multiple screens and seamless smartphone connectivity, creating an ultimate interactive experience.
Introducing the Xiaomi SU7
The Xiaomi SU7 embodies the company's technological prowess and commitment to user experience. This "full-size high-performance eco-technology sedan" boasts:
  • Thrilling Performance: With a 2.78-second zero-to-hundred acceleration and a 265 km/h top speed, the SU7 delivers an exhilarating driving experience.
  • Smart Features: The SU7 integrates seamlessly with the Xiaomi CarIoT ecosystem, allowing control of smart home devices and offering a personalized mobile space.
  • Ecosystem Integration: The SU7 is a crucial piece of the "Human x Car x Home" ecosystem, enabling seamless connectivity between people, cars, and homes.
A New Era for Xiaomi
Lei Jun, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group, stated, "Xiaomi's entry into the automotive industry signifies a new beginning for Xiaomi." The Xiaomi SU7 and their core technologies represent a long-term commitment to innovation and a step towards a future with Xiaomi EVs on roads worldwide.
Explore the Future of EVs
For more information on Xiaomi's automotive endeavors, including the SU7 and their core technologies, visit the official Xiaomi Philippines website or authorized Xiaomi stores nationwide.

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