PUMA Suede XL: The Chunky Sneaker Taking Streetwear by Storm

The iconic PUMA Suede gets a bold makeover! Introducing the PUMA Suede XL with a supersized silhouette, plush padding, and chunky laces. Shop the latest collection in the Philippines now.
PUMA fans, rejoice! The beloved German footwear brand is taking street style to new heights with the launch of the PUMA Suede XL in the Philippines. This fresh take on the timeless Suede silhouette is all about bold design and chunky comfort.

A Supersized Icon
Originally embraced by graffiti writers, B-boy crews, and even Olympic champions, the classic PUMA Suede has a rich history. Now, the Suede XL reimagines this iconic shoe with a supersized look. The oversized tongue and Formstrip boast plush padding, while the extra-thick laces add a touch of chunky flair. It's the perfect statement piece for streetwear enthusiasts who love to stand out.
Classic Colors, Modern Style
Despite its bold design, the PUMA Suede XL stays true to its roots with a selection of classic colorways. Choose from red, blue, or black to find the perfect pair that complements your style.
Level Up Your Streetwear Game
Ready to elevate your sneaker collection? The PUMA Suede XL is here to take your streetwear game to the next level. Priced at PHP5,900, you can snag this chunky sneaker masterpiece online or visit any PUMA store in the Philippines. Don't miss out on this chance to step into iconic PUMA style with a modern twist!

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