Filipino Pharma Makes History: I.E. Medica and MedEthix Sweep Healthcare Awards in Singapore


I.E. Medica and MedEthix, leading Philippine pharmaceutical companies, made a historic sweep at the Healthcare Asia Pharma Awards, winning three prestigious awards for their contributions to the nation's healthcare sector.

Two major Philippine pharmaceutical companies, I.E. Medica and MedEthix, have etched their names in history after receiving three prestigious awards at the recent Healthcare Asia Pharma Awards 2024 held in Singapore. This marks the first time local Philippine pharmaceutical brands have clinched victories in these categories.

The awards recognize I.E. Medica and MedEthix's outstanding efforts in:

  • Supply Chain Initiative of the Year: I.E. Medica's commitment to continuously improving its supply chain operations through initiatives like obtaining the Super Green Lane certificate and pursuing AEO Importer accreditation.
  • Hospital Partnership of the Year: MedEthix's instrumental role in securing the first four hospital partners and the compassionate special permit (CSP) for Molnupiravir distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Most Differentiated Service of the Year: MedEthix's successful expansion of Molnupiravir access to over 80 health institutions and 500 doctors nationwide, significantly impacting the fight against COVID-19.

These awards highlight the significant contributions of I.E. Medica and MedEthix to the Philippines' healthcare landscape. Their dedication to efficient supply chains, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions has demonstrably improved access to essential healthcare products for Filipinos.

I.E. Medica: Championing Streamlined Supply Chains

I.E. Medica's focus on optimizing its supply chain operations aligns with Philippine Customs Administration guidelines. The company's Super Green Lane certificate and ongoing pursuit of AEO Importer accreditation demonstrate their commitment to efficient import processes, ultimately benefiting the nation's healthcare product supply chain.

MedEthix: Pioneering Access to Critical COVID-19 Treatment

MedEthix played a pivotal role in securing the first CSP for Molnupiravir, an effective oral treatment for mild to moderate COVID-19 cases. This groundbreaking initiative allowed for treatment beyond hospital settings, providing much-needed relief during the pandemic. Their efforts in expanding access to this treatment across the country solidified their position as a leader in innovative healthcare solutions.

A Commitment to Filipinos' Well-being

As the first Philippine pharmaceutical companies to receive these prestigious awards, I.E. Medica and MedEthix remain steadfast in their mission to provide Filipinos with a wide range of essential healthcare products. Their dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to serving their countrymen set a remarkable example within the Philippine pharmaceutical industry.

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