Beat the Summer Heat with Skyro: Cool Appliances at Low Interest Rates


Keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long with Skyro's financing options for top-notch appliances like Fujidenzo chest freezers, Samsung air conditioners, LG refrigerators, and Carrier air conditioners. Enjoy low interest rates and flexible payment plans!

Summer in the Philippines can be scorching, making staying cool a top priority. While some seek outdoor adventures, others prefer the refreshing comfort of their homes.

Skyro understands this desire for a cool and comfortable summer retreat, offering a wide range of cooling appliances through their financing plans with low interest rates and flexible payment terms.

Let's explore some of the must-have appliances you can get with Skyro this summer:

Fujidenzo Chest Freezer: Perfectly Chilled Drinks

Keep your beverages refreshingly cold all season long with the Fujidenzo IFC-90GDF chest freezer. This versatile appliance functions as both a freezer and a chiller, adapting to your needs. Its digital temperature control panel ensures precise settings, keeping your food fresh and drinks perfectly chilled.

Samsung Air Conditioner: Ultimate Comfort

Beat the heat with the Samsung AR10BYHAMWKNTC split-type air conditioner. Its WindFree Cooling technology delivers cool air gently and evenly, eliminating the discomfort of harsh drafts. Additionally, its energy-efficient mode prioritizes both comfort and savings.

LG Refrigerator: Spacious and Fresh Food Storage

Indulge in delicious summer treats with the LG GR-Y331SLZL Refrigerator. Featuring LG's Inverter Technology, it operates efficiently and quietly while its Moist Balance Crisper™ vegetable drawer maintains optimal moisture levels, keeping your produce fresh for longer.

Carrier Air Conditioner: Comfort and Savings Combined

Experience cool comfort without breaking the bank with the Carrier WCARZ006EC window-type air conditioner. This energy-efficient option boasts incredibly low electricity consumption, costing only Php 2.15 per hour. Its 12-hour automatic off-timer and multi-pore filter further enhance user comfort and air quality.

Skyro: Making Cool Summers More Affordable

Don't let the heat limit your summer enjoyment! Visit your nearest Skyro partner store or browse their interactive map at to discover a range of cooling appliances that fit your budget. Skyro offers flexible payment terms of 6, 9, or 12 months at low interest rates, making it easier to bring home the cool comfort you deserve.

About Skyro

Skyro is a licensed fintech company supervised by the SEC. Visit their website ( or follow their social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) to learn more about their digital financial products and exciting promos.

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