Sintâ - A Culinary Oasis in Tagaytay

Experience Sintâ, the new and refreshing restaurant in Tagaytay offering a unique blend of delectable cuisine, stunning Taal Volcano views, and inspiring Filipino art.
A Haven Beyond the Ordinary
Nestled away from the tourist hotspots in Tagaytay lies Sintâ, a haven waiting to be discovered. Its name, which translates to "beloved" in Filipino, perfectly embodies the warmth and sensory delight that awaits diners. Here, you'll embark on a unique culinary adventure amidst a stunning display of Filipino artistry and breathtaking natural beauty.

Where Art Meets Ambiance
Upon entering, Kabunyag de Guia's captivating mosaic sets the tone for your artistic exploration. My favorite piece of art is by Leeroy's remarkable hanging sculpture which is a mesmerizing composition of sawdust and paper that mirrors the iconic form of Taal Volcano. Every piece here is well-thought of and each is a representation of nature. 
Issay Rodriguez's series of brass sculptures and cyanotype prints seamlessly blend nature and art, drawing inspiration from the surrounding flora. I was told that every piece is from a different kind of tree or plant. no additional colors or paint. I love the vibe that it gives once the sun hits every piece, it creates a whole new look.

A captivating paper-cut art piece by Mansy Abesamis extends a warm welcome at the reception area. The walls come alive with the visual stories captured by Colin Dancel's photography and Tasha Tanjutco's illustrations, creating an Instagram-worthy backdrop for every corner you explore.

Adding another layer to the immersive experience, Marco Ortiga and Erwin Romulo's sea of chimes provides a soothing soundtrack. The gentle, wave-like sequence of chimes creates a calming ambiance that perfectly complements the visual feast. This is a perfect example of a well-thought artwork that gives you multi-sensorial satisfaction. 
A Canvas of Nature's Beauty
If you want a place to escape for some great food amazing views, I highly suggest for you to consider Sinta on your next travel list. The strategic positioning away from the city's hustle and bustle ensures a peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to fully appreciate the majestic panorama of Taal Volcano. This breathtaking vista serves as a constant source of inspiration for Chef Ariel Manuel.
A Culinary Symphony Conducted by Chef Ariel Manuel
At the heart of Sintâ lies the culinary mastery of Chef Ariel Manuel. His menu is a delightful fusion of continental European flavors and Tagaytay's local specialties, each dish meticulously crafted to tantalize the taste buds.
You can see the artistry even at food preparation and presentation. As per Chef, they took 2 years to completely create this wonderful menu. To be very honest, everything is great, from food portions and the combination of flavors in every dish - a truly remarkable and delectable food and experience.
From the shareable starter of dried fruit panna cotta with an indulgent cheese medley to the succulent Moulard Duck Confit slow-cooked in its own fat and the flavorful Rack of Lamb crusted with aromatic herbs, Sintâ's menu promises an unforgettable culinary adventure.
End your culinary adventure on a sweet note. This is my most awaited parts since I have a sweet tooth, and if you are as well, Sinta is a great place to be. I was blown away by every dish. Sintâ offers a refreshing departure from the usual dessert menus, focusing on innovative takes on classic treats. Savor the comforting warmth of the Freshly Baked Fuji Apple on Puff Pastry with Parmesan Cheese Kulfi, a delightful fusion of East and West. Alternatively, indulge in the sophisticated playfulness of the Baked Cappuccino Soufflé with Vanilla Crème Anglaise, a grown-up version of a childhood favorite.
As you savor each course, complement your meal with a signature cocktail. Cloudy Bay features a unique combination of tequila, berries, and homemade bitters, creating a perfect harmony between the beverage and the food. 
Sintâ transcends the ordinary. It's a love affair with art, nature, and exquisite cuisine. Every corner beckons to be explored, every dish tells a story, and the experience lingers long after the last bite.

What a perfect getaway to enjoy great food with a refreshing view of Tagaytay City. Add this to your Tagaytay must-visit bucket list and you will never regret the experience.

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