Huawei Sound Joy Review

Huawei has been releasing some quality premium products for years now and complementing the whole smartphone experience is their latest audio product, this is the Huawei Sound Joy. Now if you were able to check out the first impressions (check it here Huawei Sound Joy - First Impressions - Blog for Tech & Lifestyle ( you'd know that this speaker is not your ordinary Bluetooth speaker. 

The HUAWEI Sound Joy is the second Devialet collaboration, the first one was the Huawei Sound X. While it did come at a higher price, I am excited that they decided to come up with a more portable version without compromising the sound quality. 
While the design is quite similar to an existing speaker already out on the market, the Huawei Sound Joy lives up to its name by sparking a lot of joy because of its features and price. 

Here are some of the things I liked about the Huawei Sound Joy.
  1. Portable - Carry it anywhere and everywhere. It's small but packs a lot of punch. With almost the size of a water bottle, the strap makes it so handy that makes it ideal for hiking or any adventure.
  2. Design - Huawei quality has always been top-notch and the Sound Joy makes sure that it is well built and can also be placed at home or the outdoors. The LED on top is a nice touch that reacts to the music you play and also an indicator for your volume level and battery.
  3. Rugged - Built for the outdoors, the Huawei Sound Joy is waterproof and dustproof, so may it be on the beach or mountain, this fits right in. It's IP67 rated, usually, this can handle being in up to one meter of water, but I guess I'm not really recommending that. It just means that this can also handle other weather conditions and your device wouldn't be in bad condition.
  4. Quality Sound - The Huawei Sound Joy is co-engineered with Devialet which is a French audio company, known in the industry to provide the best quality sounds in such a small device. 
  5. Battery - Enjoy those quality crisp sounds and punchy bass for 26 hours! Yes, packed with 8800mAh battery enough to last more than a day of nonstop audio enjoyment.
The built and design is truly made for the outdoors, with huge volume buttons making sure you don't miss out on pressing the right ones. Other controls on this one strip along with the power button, Bluetooth sync button, smart assistance, pause/play, Stereo Link Up button, and the USB-C charging port.

I mentioned during the first impressions that it also has some smart features like the Stereo Pair which I think is also a nice feature to have so you can combine with with another Sound Joy and create a nice Stereo sound. If you have a Huawei phone, you can easily tap and transfer a track, but it might not be fully maximized by non-Huawei users or not sure how useful it would be.

If you have the Huawei AI Life app, it would be great as android users would be able to maximize the full features of the speakers and adjust some settings there. 
The HUAWEI Sound Joy is available in two colors, Olive Green and Black. Both looks amazing and I think I'd be getting the Olive Green for the next one.

Is it good?
The quality of the Huawei Sound Joy actually sounds pretty good for its size and comparing it to others in its size and price. Audiophiles might quickly judge this one, especially those coming from Devialet saying that it's not the same. But for me and other regular listeners, this actually gets the job done. It's powerful enough with its 20W full-frequency speaker, two passive radiators, and the10W silk dome tweeter. In a regular-sized room with people, the Huawei Sound Joy can really hold its own, still giving quality sounds even on full blast and not losing quality. I also didn't notice any delay connected on my mobile phone while playing games. The Huawei Sound Joy supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 so that's good. 
Should you buy it?
If you're looking to buy or purchase your first Bluetooth speaker and are in the market to have a decent one with punchy beats that can be taken anywhere this is for you. It's a plus if you have a Huawei smartphone device as you would be able to maximize the Sound Joy via the Huawei AI Life App. If you're also the one who's lazy and forgets to charge the devices this is for you! 
Make sure to order the products on the Huawei Online Store, Lazada, and Shopee . Make sure to also check their FB pages and website to check out the latest deals and offers.

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