Huawei Sound Joy - First Impressions

In case you're living under a rock, Huawei not only makes quality and premium smartphones & gadgets but they also have other devices that are premium-made with advanced smart features. This time, we will be giving our first impressions of the new portable speakers of Huawei in partnership with Devialet, this is the Huawei Sound Joy.
We are personally excited because finally, a portable speaker of Huawei that is in collaboration with Devialet. Imagine being able to carry your own Devialet speakers with you anywhere! Now, if you want to know more about this partnership, you may head over to my channel to check out their first collaboration with the Huawei Sound X.

Let me just breakdown some of the key selling points of the Huawei Sound Joy.
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • On-the-go user optimization
  • Advanced smart features.

Just by looking at the device, you can immediately tell that it's portable and stylish. Available in two color variants, the stylish cylinder packs a premium audio experience and convenience wherever your sound trip takes you. Also, the RGB lights, c'mon! gives that nice touch which is also an indicator of the music and volume level.

Alright, let's talk about the design. On the outside, you can see a brand-new woven fabric design that is IP67-rated dust and water-resistant and also has that anti-slip surface. It's shaped almost like a water bottle and has that right weight. easily carry it with one hand or use the provided strap for easy carry. The speaker also has an anti-slip surface ensuring that your speakers stays in place even with the pumping beats.
The first lifting experience is you'd feel that it's premium and built really well. Take it anywhere whatever outdoor scenario you may have. Supports up to 26 hours of playtime and has a fast-charging technology which I think is very useful to have especially if you're on the go and don't want the party to stop.

So why am I just so psyched with this? Devialet is a top-tier global audio brand known for its high-quality sounds with its world-class Devialet SAM technology. Audiophiles and those who enjoy premium high quality sound quality knows that Devialet is on top of the game in the audio space. Combining it with Huawei's serious brand effort to deliver world-class audio immersion, the partnership birthed the HUAWEI Sound Joy. (Might be the first portable Devialet). The iconic Push-Push passive radiator includes two diaphragms placed back to back to offset the sound waves for distortion-free sounds. Check out my Huawei Sound X for more info SMALL but MIGHTY! HUAWEI Sound X REVIEW: Co-Engineered with Devialet - YouTube

The Huawei Sound Joy uses an 8800mAh large battery making sure that you enjoy up to 26 hours on one full charge. That's more than a day of quality audio experience. The fast charging 40W let's users to charge for a 10 minute and can be enjoyed for another hour. For full charge, it only needs 3 hours and you're good to go for your music needs.
So advanced smart features, this is where I think this is not just a regular good-sounding speaker. Shake Stereo Link Up is a function that lets two units of Huawei Sound Joy form a stereo system. Another is the One-Touch Transfer where user just needs to place the device against the top of the Huawei Sound Joy to connect their devices and immediately transfer media onto it. Voice Assistant button allows users to send requests to the voice assistant on their smartphone or tablet, turning the HUAWEI Sound Joy into a smart assistant.
Having spent a few days and hours with the Huawei Sound Joy, it never fails to impress those who listened to the sound quality while I play some amazing beats. I can't wait to travel and use the HUAWEI Sound Joy on more travels and in different scenarios. My next posts would be a bit more in-depth on the review as I will be using the Huawei Sound Joy for at least an hour a day to see how long this will last.

Make sure to order the products on the Huawei Online Store, Lazada, and Shopee this May 5! Early birds who order between May 5 and May 15 will also get the chance to avail of additional freebies with their purchases! Don’t miss out!

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