Is this the perfect keyboard for you? - Rapoo K2800


Alright no BS here. But I think I found a new keyboard that fits the lifestyle and the needs that I have. This is the Rapoo K2800. I've been eyeing some Rapoo devices recently and I just got to check this one out. 

I'm not those geeky keycap mechanical keyboard kind of guy. I had a silent discreet one that's also portable but this Rapoo K2800 is next level to that. I tried the mechanical type for a bit but I'm still not decided if I should stick to it. Being always on the go gives the Rapoo K2800 such an advantage and I'll tell you why in a bit.

First, let's unbox. The dominant blue box and just the keyboard in the packaging gives it a nice clean look. At the back, you can see the features of the keyboard:

  • Reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Multimedia Hotkeys
  • Anti-oxidation sealed membrane
  • Abundant touch gestures.
Let's go by it one by one. This wireless keyboard can be connected wirelessly via a dongle. Reliable connection of 2.4GHz and can connect up to 10m working range and 360 degrees coverage. This is perfect to connect it to your smart TVs also because of the built-in touchpad, no need for a separate mouse. The Abundant touch gestures give an accurate and quick response to your operation. Yes, gestures work here too!
There are also available hotkeys for you to use so you can maximize their features. The Function key (Fn) gives you quick access to the media player, homepage, volume adjustments, and many others. The keyboard also has an anti-oxidation sealed membrane ensuring a longer keyboard lifetime. it prevents oxidizing of the inside circuit which may cause defective keys. I think this feature is often neglected or overlooked. We all want our devices to last and perform well with time so this is just amazing that they have it on the Rapoo K2800.
There are also some buttons available for you to use like the two buttons on the top left which represent the left and right-click of the mouse which is so convenient when your scrolling on the trackpad. - nice touch! You can also use the scroll right there to easily scroll up and down a webpage, document, or whatever it is you are viewing.
Speaking of lasting long, the Rapoo K2800 has superb power management capabilities lasting 9 months with a single AA battery which is also included with every purchase.

Here's a guide on how to use the Rapoo K2800

Compatible with Windows 7,8 10; Chrome OS, MAC OS and smart TVs that support HID technology connectivity.

Underneath is where you'll find the dongle hiddend and the two small legs to elevate it up a bit.

You can check out the Rapoo K2800 at Complink and other leading computer stores for only Php 1,495.

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